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Dimmers mounted in the junction box

Please adjust your existing lighting with a dimmer, use the dimmers for this and mount them together with a push button in the existing junction box.
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How to replace a switch with a dimmer?

Step 1: Select the right dimmer

Depending on the existing configuration, you can choose a dimmer that works on 230V control voltage or low voltage (12 -24V).
It is possible that no neutral conductor (usually blue wire) is available in the junction box, this occurs in older installations. Then choose the Eltako dimmer EUD61NPL, which works without zero conductor.

Step 2: remove the cover and existing switch

  • First switch off the voltage on the light circuit on which you are going to work. For safety, check with a voltage finder if the current is definitely off.
  • Depending on the brand and the type of switch you will first have to remove the cover plate or the finishing set (the key you press).
  • There are several possible switches:

    Replace single- or double-pole switch: the simplest is to operate an existing lighting circuit by replacing one switch with a dimmer. First check whether it is a single-pole (2 terminals) or a double-pole (4 terminals) switch. There are no bipolar dimmers available, this is also no longer required. The vending machine in your light circuit may have a maximum switch-off current of 16A.
    Replace the switch with a push button and place the dimmer behind the push button in the junction box. With a double-pole circuit you only use 2 wires and the 2 others connect through a Wago clamp.

    Replacing the change-over switches: of a lighting circuit that is operated by two change-over switches (eg for a staircase), you must replace both switches with a push-button. Replace both switches with a push button and place the dimmer in one of the 2 flush-mounted boxes. Both push buttons operate the dimmer.

Any questions or additional explanation needed, contact us via [email protected] or by phone 03 / 369.4567

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