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recessed boxes for hollow- and solid surfaces

Built-in boxes, to be placed at the start of your project to mount the pedestals after the plastering / painting work has finished.
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What is a flush-mounted box?

A flush-mounted box is a plastic box into which the wires of the cable are inserted. A socket or switch is then mounted in it. As the name suggests, recessed boxes are built into brick walls and hollow or wooden walls.

Horizontally, a maximum of 5 flush-mounted boxes are placed next to each other (for sockets, UTP and TV connections)

Vertically, for switches, push buttons and the like, a maximum of 3 flush-mounted boxes are mounted one above the other.

Make your choice: Full or hollow wall

Are you going to buy built-in boxes for a high-rise wall? Or do you want a socket / switch in a false wall? You must know this in advance before you want to order the flush-mounted boxes.

There are two type:

  • Built-in boxes for full walls, brickwork
  • Recessed boxes for hollow walls

There are some important differences between the two models.

Built-in boxes for a full wall are suitable for masonry (such as fast building blocks). They have right angles. By removing the top and bottom, you can combine multiple boxes for double, triple flush-mounted boxes.

You can use recessed boxes for a hollow wall with "false walls", for example a retention wall in plasterboard. You recognize them by their rounded corners. Hollow wall boxes cannot be combined with each other. For a group of 2, 3 or more modules you must therefore purchase a separate box.

Een inbouwdoos voor een volle wand (links) en een holle wand (rechts).

A built-in box for a full wall               and a hollow wall.

Installation at which height?

There are standard sizes for mounting the recessed boxes. Sockets or switches that are too high / low cause frustration. Therefore, take these standards into account:

  • Sockets: 20 to 30 cm (center point) of the finished floor
  • Switches and push buttons: 115 cm from the finished floor
  • Thermostaten, display, videofoon: op 150 cm van de afgewerkte vloer

Thermostats, display, videophone: at 150 cm from the finished floor
Remember that this is the finished floor. Anyone who will mark the position of all flush-mounted boxes during the structural work phase must therefore take into account the thickness of the floor insulation, screed and floor covering.

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