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Connection rail for automatic fuses

distribution rails, comb guides, connection rails all names to interconnect the automatic fuses in your distribution box
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To distribute the general incoming voltage 230v monophase or 400V 3phase + neuter or 3 x 230V 3phase over the automatic fuses in the distribution box, connection rails are used.

Preferably, comb guides with forks. These are attached under the screw and then the connection of the machine is free to connect for any wiring.

A maximum of 2 wires may be connected to an automatic fuse, never 3, this does not provide good contact and can lead to loose wires, resulting in spark flashing and fire.

There are different types of comb guides;

single-phase connection rails

Mono phase connection rails are used for a standard home with monophase connection, usually with a capacity of 40A. The comb conductor has 2 conductors, marked with N and L. The N stands for Neuter (also called zero conductor) and a blue wire is used for this. The L stands for "Line" or the phase, for which a different color is used than blue, for example brown or black. (yellow / green is never allowed). The room leader consists of a length for 18 modules, this is the width of a standard cabinet up to 72 modules or 57 modules (length of 1 meter). The comb conductor can be cut to a certain length, place end caps to prevent electrocution.

3 phase rails for 3 x 230V

This connection is not available everywhere, but is still being used. This connection has 3 phases of 230V and no Neuter connection. The comb conductors are marked with L1 - L2 - L3 and a voltage of 230V is available between the different phases.

The length of the comb guides is the same, 18 modules or 1 meter.

Three phase + Neuter (suitable for 400V)

This type of connection is used for larger capacities, also known as buoyancy. If you want to use multiple heavy electrical machines, it is advisable to request this connection from your network manager.
The connection is characterized as follows: N-L1-L2-L3 where between N and L1.2.3 230V is available and between L1-L2, L1-L3, L2-L3 400V

There are several comb guides available:

  • N-L1-L2-L3: This is a comb conductor for 4-pole circuit breakers, they feed a 400V consumer
  • N-L1, N-L2, N-L3: this comb conductor is used to distribute a 3-phase + neuter connection over several single-phase circuit breakers. In this way the available power of the network is nicely distributed over the different lines and consumers.
  • N-L1-L2-L3, N-L1, N-L2, N-L3: this comb conductor has one 3-phase connection, this is usually connected to the main loss current switch and the mon-phase voltage is distributed among the single-phase circuit breakers.
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